Top 5 Best Elderly Stair Lifts 2019

1. AmeriGlide Horizon Stair Lift

The Horizon Stair Lift by Ameriglide provides staircase mobility for elderly and disabled persons alike. This stair lift comes with features such as a seat, footrest and arm rest which are foldable allowing for efficient use of space. Moreover, a remote placed at the top and bottom of the staircase allows you to send for the stairlift. Also, the stairlift can be custom cut to your staircase. However, you must contact the seller and provide the appropriate measurements for this.

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2. Outdoor Stair Lift 

This outdoor stairlift reaches the same standard as the other chairlifts on this list. However, it also goes above this standard by being able to be used outdoors, especially for that of colder climates. Moreover, this stairlift also comes with a bag used to protect it from the elements while it is not in use.

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3.Harmar’s Stair Lift 

Harmar’s Stair Lift comes equipped with a seat, foot and armrest and controls at the top and bottom of the stairs to send for the stairlift. Additionally, there are rocker controls which include a constant-press button. You can mount this chair lift on the staircase as opposed to it being mounted on the wall like others. It also comes with a life-time warranty. Moreover, the harmar lift provides for a wider seat than most other stairlifts.

Harmar’s Stair Lift can be bought HERE


4.Nautilus Stair Lift 

The Nautilus Stair Lift comes with an armrest however it does not have a footrest, but it makes up for this with the inclusion of a seat belt for better support and safety. The stair lift also comes bundled with a life-time warranty on its motor and circuit board. Moreover, the it is foldable and able to me mounted onto the stairs. Also, it is grease-free, eliminating the need to constantly be greasing the lift. This is is very advantageous for senior citizens especially those who may live alone.

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5. Legacy Classic Stair Lift

The Legacy Classic Stairlift has two wireless remote controls and an armrest switch which can be used to signal the lift. Also, the system operates on a battery which charges automatically. This battery ensures that even when the power goes out the lift can still function. There is also a seat belt for support and the lift can be folded for better use of space.

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