Best Electric Beds for the Elderly 2019

You can spend hours sifting through the internet searching for the perfect electric bed for you or your loved one. Or you could simply browse through our list which has compiled the Best Electric Beds for the Elderly 2019. This compilation is based on comfort, price, adjustability and features.

1. Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bed

The Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bed allows seniors to raise their head and feet up for increased support. With the wireless remote one can set and adjust the bed to the preferred level of comfort. This provides convenience whether one is eating in bed, enjoying their newest  favorite novel or simply sleeping. Furthermore, the bed is extremely durable, able to support up to 650 lbs.

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2. Invacare Hospital Bed

The Invacare Hospital Bed has an adjustable bed frame providing the elderly with more convenience and comfort whether during sleep or simply sitting up in bed. The mattress itself consists of 312 innerspring coils on a durable cover adding to the comfort and support. Also, there are attachable, adjustable bedside rails. Moreover, the electric bed allows the bed frame to be adjusted by the remote connected to the bed frame adding more convenience.

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3. Alternating Pressure Mattress

The Alternating Pressure Mattress is ideal for the elderly who suffer from bed ulcers and sores. This bed functions by distributing air throughout the mattress providing for the alternating pressure.  Also, the alternating pressure mattress has an alternating pressure mode and a static mode. These modes can be interchanged at your leisure to maximize comfort.

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4. Adjustable Massage Bed 

The adjustable massage bed seems like something straight out of Back to the Future. Not only does this bed offer advanced comfort, but other valuable features as well. The massage element entails 3 intensity levels with 4 inter-changeable modes ensuring maximum comfort and relaxation. Moreover, the bed is equipped with a wireless 18-buttoned remote, an anti-snore position and ultra quiet motors. Also, there are 2 USB ports and even a nightlight. All this considered the adjustable massage bed definitely seems like something from the future.

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5. Alternating Pressure Mattress Cover

The Alternating Pressure Mattress Cover differs from the Alternating Pressure Mattress in that one can simply place it over their existing mattress with no need to buy a whole new other mattress. Thus, the Alternating Pressure Mattress Cover is a cheaper alternative. The mattress cover provides the same benefits of remedying bed sores and ulcers. Furthermore, the cover comes with 130 air cells and a silent pressure pump which can be used during sleep. Additionally, the mattress is quite durable being able to support up to 300 lbs. All things considered, the Alternating Pressure Mattress Cover is the cheaper alternative providing a similar standard of results.

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