Best Elderly Walkers of 2019

As you or a loved one gets on in age, it will be found that mobility walkers are more of a necessity than ever. There are thousands of walkers across the web going under names such as zimmer frames, walking frames or rollators. Here, we’ve compiled the best elderly walkers of 2019 that will aid senior citizens regain their mobility.

1. Folding Walker

A folding walker is convenient for all scenarios. Whether for mobility or simply support for standing, a folding walker caters to the needs of most senior citizens. The Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker combines the elements of a standard walker with the innovation of adjustability for a seamless elderly walker. Moreover, the walker’s aluminium material combines a lightweight walker with the maximum strength of a heavy duty walker. With all this at an affordable price, it is no question why this is #1 on our list of best elderly walkers of 2018.

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2. Four Wheeled Walker

The four wheeled walker is ideal for persons searching for a walker with wheels. This particular walker comes with a basket coupled with brakes and a padded seat providing comfort and efficiency in addition to mobility.

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3. Medline Walker

The Medline Walker  is a lovely upgrade to the traditional four wheeled walker. It serves as a hybrid of a traditional four wheeled walker, an aluminum walker, a walker with a bag and a walker with a cup holder. Furthermore, with increased basket storage space,  a braking system at the handles , and a comfortable seat and a cup holder for added convenience, in the world of mobility walkers this walker borders somewhere between perfection and luxury.

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4. Lumex Walker

The Lumex Walker provides for a four-wheeled walker experience similar to previously mentioned walkers. There is a brake system in place at the handles of the walker and a basket available for storage. Other key points are the walker’s aluminum frame and a padded seat for comfort. In essence, though a bit smaller than previous four wheeled walkers, it makes up for this with the lower price.

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5. Three Wheeled Walker 

The 3 Wheeled walker is smaller than other walkers but still proves to be just as useful. The braking system, basket, pouch and tray accentuates it’s designed emphasis on efficiency and comfort. Moreover, it’s lightweight aluminium walker frame makes mobility easier than ever.

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6. Nitro Drive Walker

The Nitro Drive walker has an easily collapsible  lightweight aluminium frame convenient for travel and storage purposes. Additionally, there is the standard walker braking system, padded nylon seat, storage bag. Not to mention the large front wheels serving to increase the turning radius.

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7. Upright Walker/Up Walker 

The upright walker provides features not commonly seen in other walkers. With most other walkers elderly persons have to hunch over which can be very strenuous on the back. The Upright Walker allows one to walk upright with support. This is not only good for the back but restores a sense of dignity that decreased mobility due to old age can sometimes take away.

Not only does the design provide for reduced stress on the back but on all other bodily bones and joints as well. Moreover, Up walker accessories include a  drink holder, small pouch and seat backrest. Furthermore, it’s lightweight frame provide for greater overall efficiency.

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8. All-Terrain Walker

The All Terrain walker is perfect for senior citizens who don’t want to miss out on the great outdoors! Though a bit more on the pricey end, the all terrain walker provides flexibility, durability and an ergonomic design. All things considered, it aids the elderly who still have a spirit of adventure to be safe and supported in their journeys.

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9. Knee Walker

The rolling knee walker is for senior citizens with an injured knee. Firstly, this leg scooter provides for mobility, with a sprinkle of child-like fun. However, it still maintains safety, support and efficiency. It is equipped with a braking and steering system for easy maneuverability. Additionally, there is a lightweight-frame with four wheels providing for mobility.

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