18 Essential Elderly Bath Aids 2019

18 Essential Elderly Bath Aids 2019 compiles the most indispensable Bath Aids for the Elderly across the web. The basis for which is price, safety, efficiency and pragmatic value.

1. Toilet Safety Rail

One of the greatest discomforts can come from what used to be the simplest thing in life – using the toilet. With the Toilet Safety Frame Rail senior citizens no longer have to endure such discomfort. This toilet safety rail fits all standard toilets due to its adjustable fitting and supports weight up to 300 lbs. Additionally, the toilet frame is attached to the existing toilet seat bolts making installation a breeze. Lastly, there are the foam-padded anti-slip handles and a lifetime guarantee which accentuates the viability of the toilet frame.

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2. Sliding Shower Chair

The Sliding Shower Chair aids in a smoother transition from wheelchairs or walkers into the bathtub or shower.To help you move in and out of the bath the transfer chair is equipped with a slider . Moreover, there is an anti-slip surface, strap locks and an adjustable seat height. Consequently, this bath transfer bench serves as the perfect transfer chair in and out of the shower or bathtub.

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3. Slip Resistant Bathtub/Shower Mat 

Aids to get your or loved one in the shower will be useless if they still face dangers inside. For bathtubs the non slip shower mat provides sufficient grip with its 200 suction cups. The anti slip bath mat also multi-faceted in function as its domed bulges doubles up to provide a great massage. With eco-friendly , anti-bacteria , PVC vinyl material the anti slip shower mat is a fundamental need for elderly persons. Not to mention the mat’s ability to be machine washed contributing to its easy use.

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4. Raised Toilet Seat

Old age makes stooping down and standing up to use the toilet harder. This may also accentuate pain in the back and joints. The Raised Toilet Seat remedies this and serves as a great elderly toilet seat. The seat’s added 5 inches and comfortable ergonomic design makes sitting down and standing up easier. Also, the elevated toilet seat’s installation can be done easily and cleaning done by simply wiping. Moreover, the raised toilet seat is portable making it convenient for travel and storage purposes.

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5. Bath Step

In old age a small trip, fall or slip can be catastrophic. These are more likely to occur going in and out of the shower/bathtub. The Bathroom Step’s large 4 inch slip-resistant platform provides safety for elders moving in and out of the shower. Moreover, the bathroom step tool’s durable plastic material can support up to 400 lbs. Also, the wide base ensures the step is not susceptible to tipping.

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6. Grab Bar

The Grab Bar acts as an aid which seniors can use to get in and out of the shower/bathtub. This bathroom safety bar is easily installed and removed from walls with locking latches. Additionally, color indicators show whether the bar is secured onto the wall and safe for grabbing. Simple removal ensures that it can be re-positioned to wherever it is needed and also be used when traveling. Moreover, the tub grab bar’s suction cup design works on many surfaces. The grab bar also supports up to 300 lbs and the grip section is padded with anti-slip rubber material.

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7. Wiping Wand Toilet Tissue Aid

The Wiping Wand Toilet Tissue Aid extends reach by 15 inches. This allows those with severe pains or injuries causing limited mobility to be able to clean and wipe properly when doing number #1 or #2. The toilet tissue aid comes with a release button for insertion and ejection of wipes or toilet paper. Furthermore, the wand itself has an ergonomic, easy to hold design ensuring comfort and efficiency. You can clean the wand after each use with a soft cloth, wipe and mild soap.

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8. CleanCut Convertible Bathtub Accessibility Kit

The CleanCut Convertible Bathtub Accessibility Kit allows for easier access into one’s bathtub, an element which is of paramount importance to the elderly. The kit works on almost any kind of tub. The plug has a water tight seal ensuring elders can enjoy their bath without worrying about water leaking out. However, unless one is experienced in DIY, it is possible that someone will have to be contacted install this kit. Nevertheless, once installed your tub will be transformed. What was once a normal, possibly hazardous tub would be upgraded to a proper elderly bathtub. It would thus serve as a valuable bathroom aid for senior citizens wanting to enjoy a simple bath.

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9. The FootMate System Blue Brush Foot Massager & Scrubber Kit

The FootMate System triples as a feet scrubber, feet massager and feet exfoliator. It allows elderly persons to keep their feet soothed and scrubbed without the hassle of having to constantly bend down. All you have to do is place the shower foot scrubber in the bathtub. Afterwards, one can simply take the materials for the feet and pour them onto the brush. Subsequently you can then drag your feet along the brush for a great massaging and scrubbing.

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10. Bath Body Brush

The Bath Body Brush is an absolute essential for elderly persons. Even if you do not suffer from any mobility ailments, this tool will simply make baths and showers easier. It also decreases chances of  injuries occurring from seniors trying to get to hard to reach areas of their body. The brush doubles as a back scrubber brush being approx. 15 inches. The bath brush is also made of 100% Natural wood and bristles making it suitable for exfoliation. It is recommended that you replace the Bath Body Brush every 12 months. This is due to the high content of dead skin and dirt the brush removes.

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11. Walk-In Bathtub Soaker

For persons who love soaking in the calm of their old age the Walk In tub Soaker is a must. The safe step walk in tub is equipped a plethora of essential components. Firstly, a safety grip bar which ensures support when getting in and out of the soaker. Secondly. a textured bottom and contoured seat for slippage prevention. There is also a heavy duty reinforced fiberglass and a handheld shower head. Consequently, the Walk-In Bathtub Soaker gives seniors the luxury hotel spa feeling, right in their own bathroom.

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12. Medical Alert System

Even with safety measures in place, accidents can occur. More-so in the bathroom where there is a higher risk due to water being involved. Consequently, a Medical Alert System that is water resistant would prove very proficient for senior citizens. A medical alert device is particularly important for those elderly persons who live or bathe on their own. It is one of the most valuable items for those who may run into some type of difficulty.

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13. Waterproof Cast and Dressing Protector


One may be recovering from a broken arm/leg injury making it undesirable for the cast to get wet. Young persons may be able to bathe without getting certain body parts wet due to better maneuverability. However, the same cannot be said for senior citizens. Therefore, a cast cover for use in the shower or bathtub thus highly desirable. Thus, the waterproof cast cover has been deemed another bathroom essential for elderly persons.

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14. Electric Bath Lift

The Electric Bath Lift aids those elderly persons who have extreme difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub. Simple assembly, a waterproof bath lift control, quad-quick release anti-slip suction cups and a padded seat and backrest. All the aforementioned allows users to regain the joy of taking a nice soothing bathe. The electric bath lift also doubles up as a handicap shower chair. Despite working well with rectangular bath tubs, oval shaped bath tubs may be a bit more tricky. Persons should compare measurements of the lift and their oval bathtub to ensure that it will fit in before purchasing.

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15. Bath Pillow & Cushion

The Bath Pillow & Cushion prevents persons susceptible to pressure sores from extreme discomfort in the bath. These tub pillows afford persons more coziness through cushioned comfort between their body and the bath itself. However, elderly persons, especially those living on their own should take special care. Despite bath cushioning being designed to increase comfort persons must exercise caution while using them. One must not get too comfortable and accidentally fall asleep in the bath tub.

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16. Portable Urinal (Male & Female)

Most elderly persons will find portable urinals ideal. This is especially so if they are bedridden or unable to make it to the bathroom in time. The urine bottle type design makes it convenient for storage by the bedside. The portable urinal is also super convenient for those elderly persons with weak bladders.

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17. Commode Chair & Liner

Back & armrests, a soft comfortable padded seat base and material that can easily assembled and just as easily cleaned makes the Commode Chair a senior citizen must. Moreover, the chair can double up for shower use. The toilet chair also allows for sufficient space for all wiping and cleaning purposes. Furthermore, this chair has a more modern look than some of its counterparts. Lastly, one can also fold the toilet chair making travel and storage a breeze.

A commode liner is essentially a care bag which you place in the bucket or container below the commode toilet. The Commode Liner is of a medical standard and leak resistant. In addition to eliminating foul odors the liner ensures that persons never have to clean a commode pail again.

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18. Detachable Shower Head

Many elderly persons may have problems moving around while showering under a stationary shower head. Fortunately, the Detachable Shower Head serves as a solution to this. Having a chord length of 5 – 7 feet, with the removable shower head senior citizens can shower comfortably.

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